Press Release | 15 September 2022

Orange and its IoT Continuum partners support tiko in the development of energy consumption optimization solutions

  • Orange, Sierra Wireless, LACROIX and STMicroelectronics will support tiko, a subsidiary of the group Engie, to design, produce and deploy a fleet of 800,000 connected devices in France over a period of 5 years.
  • These devices will control electric radiators remotely, via the Orange LTE-M network, to optimize consumers’ home heating consumption.
  • IoT Continuum aims to accelerate the wide adoption and deployment of cellular IoT to open up new growth opportunities.

An innovative solution with a positive impact

Orange, its IoT Continuum partners, and tiko provide the proof that technology can and should be used for more responsible energy consumption, by aligning energy savings with comfort.
Since 2012 tiko offers eco-friendly solutions developed by its teams of engineers in Zurich and Milan.  Their solutions connect to existing electrical devices, such as electric heaters or heat pumps, and adapt these old-generation convectors into connected ones that save customers money, energy and increase comfort.
By programming their electric heaters remotely according to their lifestyle, 9.2 million households can save up to 35% in energy costs. This results in substantial savings as these households’ heating consumption can reach 2000€/year.
Providing free application, tiko defines the ideal temperature room by room, day by day and to the nearest quarter of an hour, optimizing energy.  Customers adapt their heating preferences without any impact on their comfort as the solution guarantees less than 1°C difference from their original setpoint temperature. 
The solution also stabilizes the network throughout the winter and frees up capacity of existing power plants resulting in significant CO2 savings.

The IoT Continuum program, a catalyst for innovative solutions

The IoT Continuum program was presented by Orange at the Mobile World Congress in 2021. Its objective is to offer a simplified model for the design and deployment of IoT projects thanks to the association of key players in the value chain: Orange, Sierra Wireless, LACROIX, and STMicroelectronics. This approach promotes the creation of innovative services and products, through integrated support from ideation to industralization.

As part of this agreement with tiko, Orange Business Services provides LTE-M connectivity for 800,000 devices which will be deployed over a period of 5 years in France, with the possibility of deployment in other European countries. LTE-M is a network technology dedicated to connected objects, operating on the 4G network, and offers good coverage (more than 98% of the population in metropolitan France) in places that are hard to reach. Sierra Wireless is in charge of cellular modules. LACROIX designs, industrializes and manufactures the devices in its new French electronics factory, Symbiose. Last, STMicroelectronics supports and advises tiko in choosing the most suitable semiconductor solutions for their project.

“With Orange's strong connectivity coverage and the speed of development that the IoT Continuum brings, we will deliver this winter our solution to as many French households equipped with electric radiators as possible, enabling them to achieve substantial savings.  It will also allow them, through their participation in our virtual power plant, to reduce the reliance on gas or coal-fired power plants. A heater equipped with tiko will prevent the emission of 2 to 3 additional tons of CO2 per year during this critical period,” explains Frederic Gastaldo, President of tiko Services SAS.

“With Tiko, Orange Business Services and its IoT Continuum partners have been able to innovate and build together a digital solution that meets current climate challenges. This partnership is particularly close to my heart because it crystallizes our desire to put the environment at the heart of our strategy,” adds Aliette Mousnier-Lompré, CEO of Orange Business Services.

To learn more about the IoT continuum program and its partners:
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•    LACROIX Impulse: Connected Technologies for Smarter Industries (
•    Home - STMicroelectronics


About tiko Services
Thanks to the devices developed by its engineering teams in Zurich and Milan, tiko has been offering innovative solutions to residential customers since 2012, enabling them to connect their existing electrical appliances - such as direct heaters or heat pumps - and instantly achieve energy savings while improving their comfort. Today, its Paris-based subsidiary tiko Services markets this solution for direct heaters to Social Housing companies and individuals. tiko is part of the ENGIE Group since 2019.

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